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Dungeon Clicker

Dungeon Clicker is a captivating idle clicker game that immerses players in the dark and treacherous world of dungeons. In this thrilling game, your primary mission is to embark on an epic clicking adventure where you must defeat a relentless horde of monsters lurking in the dungeon's depths. As the protagonist of this journey, your clicking prowess becomes the ultimate weapon. With each click, you strike down monsters and accumulate gold. This gold is your key to success, allowing you to level up your hero, strengthen their abilities, and even hire supporting heroes who can assist you in your quest to conquer the dungeon's darkest secrets.


Dungeon Clicker offers a variety of features that make it an engaging and addictive gaming experience:

  1. Idle Clicker Action: The core of the game centers around clicking to eliminate monsters. The more monsters you defeat, the more gold you earn, paving the way for upgrades and progression.

  2. Monster Horde: The dungeon is teeming with monsters of various shapes and sizes. Face them head-on as you journey deeper into the unknown.

  3. Hero Upgrades: Use the gold you collect to enhance your hero's abilities, making them more formidable with each level. These upgrades are essential for conquering tougher foes.

  4. Supporting Heroes: As the challenges escalate, you have the opportunity to hire supporting heroes who bring their unique skills to the fray. These heroes add a strategic dimension to the game, allowing you to tackle challenges more effectively.

  5. Continuous Progression: Dungeon Clicker provides a sense of continuous progression as you defeat monsters, accumulate gold, and grow stronger. The more you invest in your hero and supporting characters, the more capable you become.

  6. Monster Variety: Encounter an assortment of monsters, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Adapt your strategy as you confront different adversaries.

  7. Rich Dungeon Setting: Immerse yourself in the atmospheric and immersive dungeon environment. The game's visual and thematic elements add depth to the gameplay.

  8. Endless Challenge: The game offers a challenge that seemingly has no end, allowing players to continuously improve their abilities and push the boundaries of what's possible in the dungeon.

In summary, Dungeon Clicker is an idle clicker game that promises an addictive and exciting experience for players seeking an epic dungeon adventure. With a focus on clicking, upgrading, and hiring supporting heroes, the game provides a continuous sense of progression and challenge. Dive into the depths of the dungeon, face off against relentless monsters, and emerge as the ultimate hero in Dungeon Clicker!

How to play Dungeon Clicker

Using Mouse

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