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Cosmos Quest

About Cosmos Quest Game

Cosmos Quest Game invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey that transcends space and time. This captivating game begins in the era of cavemen and propels you on a quest to collect and harness energy, gradually evolving your civilization into a powerful and intellectually advanced modern society capable of reshaping the very fabric of the universe.


Game Rules

Conquer Space and Time: In Cosmos Quest, your mission is to conquer space and time itself. Commence your journey as a caveman and embark on the collection of energy. As you progress, upgrade your civilization, transforming your people into modern-day intellectuals with the ability to alter the universe.

Energy Collection and Evolution: You'll initially collect energy from nearby resources. Once you've gathered enough, you can create your first automatic producers. Delve into research to unlock new technologies, further boosting production and discovering innovative methods of energy generation.

Kardashev Scale: The game is rooted in the Kardashev Scale, a theory that gauges a civilization's technological advancement based on its energy usage. As you explore and evolve, you'll find new ways to obtain energy and develop machines to harness it from diverse sources.

Natural Disasters: Make sure not to miss natural disasters - these events provide significant energy boosts that can aid your civilization's advancement.

Challenges: Engage with the challenges within the game and strive to conquer them all, unlocking unique rewards and opportunities.

Big Crunch: Utilize the Big Crunch feature to implode the universe and transition to a new one. In return, you'll encounter Omega Particles, enabling you to redefine the constants of your newfound universe.


Epic Evolution: Experience the epic journey of evolution, progressing from caveman days to a technologically advanced civilization capable of altering the universe's fabric.

Resource Management: Strategically collect energy and discover inventive ways to generate it, while upgrading your civilization's capabilities.

Kardashev Scale Theory: Explore the Kardashev Scale and apply it in the game as you advance through various stages of technological development.

Natural Disaster Events: Be vigilant for natural disasters, seizing the opportunity to obtain substantial energy boosts that can propel your progress.

Challenging Quests: Conquer a variety of in-game challenges, each offering unique rewards and incentives for success.

Universe Redefinition: Embrace the cosmic concept of the Big Crunch, enabling you to transition to new universes and tinker with the constants of your newly discovered reality.

How to play Cosmos Quest

Playing Cosmos Quest Game is an exciting and immersive experience. Follow these steps to begin your journey:

  1. Resource Collection: Commence by collecting energy from nearby resources. This forms the foundation for your civilization's growth.

  2. Automation and Research: Once you've gathered sufficient energy, create automatic producers to streamline the energy collection process. Engage in research activities to unlock advanced technologies, which will boost production and unlock new energy sources.

  3. Evolution: As your civilization accumulates a fixed amount of energy, you'll have the opportunity to evolve your species, progressing to a more advanced state.

  4. Natural Disasters: Keep an eye out for natural disasters, as they can yield significant energy rewards, accelerating your civilization's development.

  5. Conquer Challenges: Take on and conquer in-game challenges, reaping unique rewards that enhance your capabilities and progression.

  6. Universe Redefinition: Embrace the Big Crunch feature to transition to new universes. In return, you'll discover Omega Particles, which empower you to redefine the constants of your newfound reality.

Cosmos Quest Game offers a remarkable journey through time and space, challenging you to evolve, collect energy, and reshape the universe. It's a game that marries the concept of technological advancement with engaging gameplay. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure and conquer the cosmos!

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