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Cookie Clicker Save the World

About Cookie Clicker Save the World Game

Cookie Clicker Save the World is a captivating variation of the popular Cookie Clicker game. In this delightful twist, you'll embark on a cookie-clicking journey that holds the fate of the world in your hands. Click your way to collect as many cookies as possible while undertaking the noble quest to save the world!


Game Rules

In EvoHero – Idle Gladiators, you will traverse the exhilarating universe of gladiatorial combat by adhering to uncomplicated rules:

  1. Merge and Upgrade: At the core of your gaming experience is the process of merging and upgrading your Gladiators. By fusing combatants, you enhance their prowess and build an indomitable squad of champions.

  2. Arena Management: Beyond the battles, you'll be tasked with the management of your arena. Your skills will be crucial in molding it into a legendary battleground, where gladiators rise to fame.

  3. Emperor's Ascendancy: Your journey as an Emperor commences here. To etch your name into the annals of history, you must be prepared to exhibit both your strategic mastery and raw might.


EvoHero – Idle Gladiators offers an array of features tailored to elevate your gaming adventure:

  • Idle Incremental Gameplay: The game seamlessly accommodates players who seek an idle gaming experience, allowing progress even when you're not actively engaged.

  • Gladiator Evolution: Witness the spectacular transformation of your Gladiators as you diligently merge and upgrade them.

  • Arena Customization: Your arena will be a canvas for your creative ideas. Tailor it to your vision by managing and enhancing it as you see fit.

  • Emperor's Challenge: As you strive to become the most celebrated Emperor, you'll encounter and overcome an array of challenges and battles.

  • User-Friendly Controls: The game employs intuitive controls; simply drag the left mouse button to move or merge Gladiators, and click on the dummy to amass currency.

EvoHero – Idle Gladiators brings together the thrill of arena battles with the depth of strategy involved in managing an empire. The game encourages you to embrace your role as Emperor and scale the ranks, as you merge, upgrade, and conquer the dynamic world of gladiatorial combat.

How to play Cookie Clicker Save the World

Using Mouse

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