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Combinations Game offers an entertaining and challenging word puzzle experience where players must create words using combinations of letters from the grid to earn points and achieve the maximum score. With daily puzzles released at midnight, players can test their vocabulary and word-building skills while aiming for a perfect rating of 5 stars.


Word Puzzle Fun

Combinations Game provides players with an engaging word puzzle experience. By combining letters from the grid, players can form words of two, three, or four combinations to score points and increase their rating.

Daily Challenges

With a new puzzle released daily at midnight, players can look forward to fresh challenges every day. Test your skills and see if you can achieve the maximum score in each puzzle to earn a perfect rating.

Scoring System

Earn points by correctly guessing words formed from the combinations of letters in the grid. Players receive one point for each letter in a guessed word, encouraging them to form longer and more complex words for higher scores.

Variety of Word Lengths

Words can consist of two, three, or four combinations, allowing players to experiment with different word lengths and strategies to maximize their score in each puzzle.

Word List Restrictions

To maintain fairness and challenge, words with hyphens, proper nouns, vulgarities, and especially rare words are not included in the word list. This ensures that players focus on forming common and accessible words from the available letter combinations.


Word Formation

Players must create words using combinations of letters from the grid. Words can consist of two, three, or four combinations, and each combination can only be used once per word.


Players earn one point for each letter in a guessed word. Longer words result in higher scores, with players aiming to achieve the maximum number of points in each puzzle to earn a 5-star rating.

Daily Puzzles

A new puzzle is released daily at midnight, providing players with fresh challenges to tackle. Players can attempt each puzzle to improve their skills and aim for a perfect rating.

How to play Combinations

Using mouse

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