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Clicker Troops

About Clicker Troops Game

Clicker Troops is a captivating idle-clicking game that thrusts you into the role of a valiant knight. Your mission: to survive each round by vanquishing formidable enemies, amassing gold, and recruiting a band of loyal supporters. With a relentless need to keep clicking, collecting gold, and upgrading your arsenal, the ultimate goal is to conquer the game and emerge as a victorious knight.

Game Rules

  • Survival is Key: In Clicker Troops, your primary objective is survival. You'll confront waves of menacing enemies, and your knight's life depends on your ability to defeat them. With each successful round, your foes grow stronger, and you must adapt to their increasing power.

  • Collect Gold: Gold is the lifeblood of your journey. Defeating enemies rewards you with this precious resource, allowing you to hire supportive allies and enhance your knight's abilities.

  • Hire Supportive Allies: As you accumulate gold, it's crucial to recruit a loyal band of supporters. These allies bolster your knight's strength and bring various skills to the battlefield. Choose wisely to form a formidable team.

  • Upgrade Strategically: To overcome increasingly challenging adversaries, upgrading your knight and allies is essential. Tailor your strategy by investing in different upgrades that suit your playstyle and provide you with an edge in battle.


  • Idle Clicking Fun: Clicker Troops offers an addictive idle clicking experience. While you'll be actively clicking to defeat enemies and collect gold, you can also enjoy passive progress as your supporters and knight automatically engage foes when you're away.

  • Varied Allies: The game introduces a range of supportive allies with diverse abilities. From mages to archers and healers, assembling the right team can make the difference between victory and defeat.

  • Strategic Upgrades: Your path to success lies in strategic upgrades. Enhance your knight's combat skills, boost your allies' abilities, and unlock new features to take on ever more potent adversaries.

  • Endless Adventure: Clicker Troops offers an enduring adventure with endless rounds and increasing challenges. As you progress, the game becomes progressively difficult, testing your strategic and clicking skills to the limit.

  • Achievements and Rewards: Conquering milestones and achievements will unlock additional in-game rewards, encouraging you to strive for mastery and enhancing the game's replay value.

How to play Clicker Troops

  • Click to Attack: Your knight's swordsmanship relies on your clicking skills. Click or tap the screen to engage in combat with enemy waves. The faster and more precise your clicks, the more effective your knight's attacks.

  • Collect Gold: Defeated enemies drop gold coins. Be sure to click and collect them to accumulate wealth and improve your knight's strength.

  • Hire Allies: As you amass gold, you can recruit a variety of allies to assist you in battle. Each ally brings a unique set of skills and advantages. Choose your allies strategically to form a powerful team.

  • Upgrade Wisely: Make thoughtful choices when it comes to upgrades. Invest in your knight's skills and your allies to boost your chances of survival and success. Adapt your strategy to the challenges you face.

  • Survive and Conquer: The game's primary goal is survival and progression. Keep clicking, collect gold, and enhance your knight and allies until you conquer the game and emerge as a legendary knight.

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Clicker Troops, where your clicking prowess and strategic choices will determine your destiny as a knight. Survive, conquer, and become a legendary hero in this action-packed idle-clicking game.

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