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Celeste 64

Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain, a creation by the talented Celeste team in celebration of the game's sixth anniversary, is a captivating 3D platformer that pays homage to its predecessor, Celeste. Currently available for Windows and Linux on, this free game promises an immersive experience set in an open-world environment, featuring the beloved Forsaken City level from Celeste.


1. Open-World Exploration:

  • Dive into an expansive open-world setting within the Forsaken City level.
  • Explore the iconic location in a 3D platformer environment, offering a fresh perspective on the beloved Celeste universe.

2. Cassettes and Strawberry Rooms:

  • Discover Cassette Tapes that transport you to small rooms filled with strawberries.
  • Collect 30 strawberries within these rooms, providing an additional layer of challenge for players familiar with the original Celeste.

3. Nostalgic Platforming:

  • Experience the familiar mechanics of Celeste, including walking, jumping, climbing walls, and dashing.
  • Encounter new challenges and techniques, such as skid jumps and dash jumps, reminiscent of the original game.

4. Unique Movement Mechanics:

  • Guide Madeline through the Forsaken City with unlimited stamina but without the ability to dash vertically.
  • Master advanced techniques like skid jumps and dash jumps, adding depth to the platforming experience.

5. Multi-Platform Availability:

  • Currently available for free on Windows and Linux on
  • Anticipate a Mac port, expanding the accessibility of Celeste 64 to a broader audience.

How to play Celeste 64

Using mouse

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