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Businessman Simulator 2

About Businessman Simulator 2 Game

Businessman Simulator 2 is an engaging incremental game that challenges you to embark on a journey of gradual growth and expansion with your startup business. Your entrepreneurial expertise extends into various industries as you aim to build a colossal conglomerate. The game encourages you to hire managers and offline managers to maximize your revenue while minimizing your personal efforts.

Game Rules

Incremental Growth: In Businessman Simulator 2, your primary goal is to achieve incremental growth for your startup business. You'll start small and gradually expand your reach into different industries, amassing wealth and success along the way.

Managerial Efficiency: Hiring managers is a key aspect of the game. These managers are essential for optimizing your revenue streams, allowing your business to thrive even when you're not actively engaged in the game.

Industry Expansion: As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to expand into various industries. This expansion broadens the scope of your business and provides new avenues for success.


Startup to Conglomerate: Businessman Simulator 2 offers an exciting journey from a modest startup to a colossal conglomerate. You'll experience the satisfaction of watching your business empire grow and evolve.

Managerial Optimization: The game emphasizes the importance of hiring and efficiently managing managers. These individuals play a crucial role in streamlining your operations and generating revenue.

Offline Revenue: The inclusion of offline managers allows you to continue earning revenue even when you're not actively playing the game, further enhancing your business's success.

How to play Businessman Simulator 2

Playing Businessman Simulator 2 is a straightforward yet captivating experience:

  1. Incremental Expansion: Start with a small startup and work on gradually expanding it. As your business grows, explore various industries to maximize your potential for success.

  2. Managerial Hiring: Hire managers who can oversee different aspects of your business, optimizing revenue generation. These managers are vital for efficient operations.

  3. Offline Managers: The game includes offline managers, allowing you to earn revenue even when you're not actively playing. This feature is a valuable asset to enhance your business success.

Businessman Simulator 2 offers a rewarding blend of incremental growth, managerial strategy, and the satisfaction of watching your startup flourish into a conglomerate. Whether you're a fan of incremental games or enjoy the thrill of building business empires, this game promises hours of enjoyment as you strive to become an entrepreneurial success story. Embrace the journey from startup to conglomerate and witness your business empire thrive!

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