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Boxing Random

Boxing Random is a 2-player physics-based boxing game developed by Madhawk Games. The game is designed to be a fun and challenging experience for players who enjoy competitive multiplayer games.

Here are some features of Boxing Random:

  1. Ragdoll physics: The game features ragdoll physics, which means that the fighters are designed to move and react to hits in a realistic way. This adds to the fun and humor of the game as the fighters flail around in the ring.

  2. 2-player local multiplayer: Boxing Random is designed to be played with 2 players in local multiplayer mode. Players can use the same keyboard or controllers to play against each other.

  3. Multiple rounds with different challenges: Each round of the game has a different challenge, such as fighting with only one arm, fighting in slow motion, or fighting on a slippery surface. This adds to the variety and replayability of the game.

  4. Power-ups and bonuses: The game offers power-ups and bonuses that players can use to gain an advantage over their opponent. For example, a player can pick up a speed boost or a health boost to gain an edge in the fight.

  5. Funny sound effects and animations: The game features a variety of funny sound effects and animations that add to the overall humor of the game.

  6. Easy to learn, difficult to master: The game is easy to pick up and play, but it also has a learning curve that allows players to develop their skills and strategies over time.

Overall, Boxing Random is a fun and entertaining 2-player boxing game that offers a variety of challenges, power-ups, and bonuses. With its ragdoll physics and humorous sound effects and animations, it provides an enjoyable and lighthearted experience for players.

How to play Boxing Random

Single Player Controls

Up arrow key

Two Players Controls

Up arrow key and W

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