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Tiny Rogues

Prepare for an exhilarating journey with Tiny Rogues, a challenging fantasy rogue-lite bullet-hell dungeon crawler enriched with RPG elements. Dive into the depths of dungeons, facing monster-infested rooms one after another. Build a unique character with every run, discover extraordinary weapons, collect magical items, and level up to unlock increasing power and abilities.

Exploring Tiny Rogues: Rogue-Lite Adventures Unfold

Embark on a challenging adventure through Tiny Rogues and explore its captivating features:

  1. Dynamic Gameplay: Experience the thrill of a rogue-lite adventure with dynamic gameplay. Tiny Rogues challenges players with bullet-hell elements, creating an intense and engaging dungeon-crawling experience.

  2. Unique Character Building: With each run, build a new and unique character. Customize your abilities, discover different weapons, and adapt to the ever-changing challenges that await in the monster-infested rooms.

  3. RPG Elements: Immerse yourself in RPG elements that add depth to the game. Level up your character, unlock new abilities, and become more powerful as you progress through the dungeons.

Tiny Rogues Classes: Unlocking Challenges and Gear

Discover the diversity of classes in Tiny Rogues:

  1. Unlock Menu: Explore the Unlock menu at the character selection screen to discover and unlock various classes. Each class comes with its perks, gear, and unique playstyle.

  2. Challenges: Complete challenges to unlock new classes, adding a layer of achievement and progression to your Tiny Rogues experience.

How to play Tiny Rogues

Using mouse

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