Advertisement is a game in which your goal is to control a colored square of your choosing. Move this block as much as you can across the map to increase the size of your territory. You have the right to end your own life at any time if someone touches you. Running will not create a line within your container. To win the game, you must create rings with your snake in them to claim territory.

In addition to improved graphics and a realistic 3D platform, this new edition now has improved gameplay and animations. Additionally, it has brand-new user interfaces and a variety of challenges so you can play with the experience.

If your snake gets struck by the tail, it will die. While following the adversary, look for a weak spot in their defenses. Be careful and ensure they won't hurt you at all times. Have a good time!

Your objective is rather easy to accomplish. conquer the biggest territory.

The game is fairly simple to play, so it looks clear right away. However, proceed with caution since it can be more challenging to ace.

To outmaneuver your opponents, find the best path through the largest space, whether you're cautious or intense. Keep an eye out as well because your tail is a weak spot. If it is ever moved by a rival, you are dead.

Keep an eye on your domain as well because nothing on is guaranteed unless you claim the full region. It's acceptable to take, and your adversaries won't think twice about doing it.

After the popularity of Quiz Run and Bool, Voodoo offers a fresh, entertaining experience influenced by io-style games (promoted by Discover an IO game's simplicity and strategy in a breathtakingly realistic environment.

There is no cost to play, and an internet connection is not necessary.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move the box.



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