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Klung is not just an ordinary game; it's an endless runner born from the creative intensity of a 96-hour game jam. In this thrilling adventure, players assume the role of a cell attempting to break free from hyperactive "sick" cells in an infinite and randomly generated level. The challenge is relentless, and your survival depends on your ability to navigate, hook onto the ceiling, and adapt to the ever-accelerating pace.

Endless Runner Dynamics: Escaping the Hyperactive Pursuers

In Klung, players find themselves in a dynamic and ever-changing environment where the primary objective is to escape from hyperactive "sick" cells. The game unfolds in an endless and randomly generated level, providing a unique and challenging experience with every playthrough.

Mouse-Click Hook Mechanism: Mastering the Art of Escape

A distinctive feature of Klung is the mouse-click hook mechanism. Players can click and hold the mouse to hook themselves onto the ceiling, navigating the perilous terrain of hyperactive cells. Mastery of this mechanism is crucial for survival and success in the game.

Color Change Dynamics: A Warning of Acceleration

As players progress through the infinite level, they encounter a visual cue—the changing of colors. This signals a significant shift in dynamics as the hyperactive cells intensify their pursuit, running faster and increasing the challenge. Awareness and quick reactions become essential as the game's intensity amplifies with each color change.

Pro Tips: Speed Boost Strategies

A valuable pro tip for Klung players is to use continuous, rapid clicks for hooking. This not only enhances your ability to navigate but also provides a speed boost, allowing for quicker escapes and heightened chances of survival.

Game Jam Origins: A Creation in 96 Hours

Klung's origins are rooted in creativity and time constraints. Developed within 96 hours for a game jam, the game exemplifies the potential for innovation and excitement that can emerge from such intense and time-limited creative endeavors.

How to play Klung

  • Mouse click and hold to hook up.
  • R to reset.

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