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Extreme Car Driving Simulator

About Extreme Car Driving Simulator Game

Extreme Car Driving Simulator: Unleash Your Inner Speedster

Rev up your engines and unleash your inner speedster in Extreme Car Driving Simulator. This high-octane game takes you on a thrilling vehicular adventure, where you have the freedom to choose your vehicle and explore a vast 3D world filled with an array of exciting driving tasks. From completing missions to earning cash and acquiring new vehicles, Extreme Car Driving Simulator offers an adrenaline-pumping experience for car enthusiasts and racing aficionados.


Game Rules

Free Roam

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a free-roaming simulator game that lets you dictate your gameplay. You have the liberty to choose missions at your own pace, and you're not confined to a linear storyline. Feel the wind in your hair as you speed through the streets, soar over ramps, and explore a world brimming with scenic vistas. The open world is your playground, and you're free to venture wherever your driving skills take you.


The heart of Extreme Car Driving Simulator lies in its diverse range of missions. These missions can encompass a broad spectrum of challenges, from safely escorting the president to his destination to engaging in high-speed street races against other cars. Successfully completing missions earns you cash rewards, which can be used to purchase a collection of sleek and powerful cars. As you amass your fleet of vehicles, you'll have the freedom to race through the city streets with style and speed.


Diverse Vehicle Selection

Extreme Car Driving Simulator offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Whether you're a fan of supercars that can blister the asphalt or prefer the rugged durability of 4X4 off-roaders, this game caters to your automotive preferences. Each vehicle is meticulously crafted, offering a unique driving experience that adds variety to the game.

Stunning 3D World

The game immerses you in a visually stunning 3D world, complete with detailed and vibrant environments. From city streets to off-road trails, there's a diverse range of scenery to explore. The world is ripe for discovery, making every drive a breathtaking journey.

Thrilling Missions

The missions in Extreme Car Driving Simulator keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether it's a high-stakes escort mission or a heart-pounding street race, each task offers a thrilling challenge that tests your driving skills, reflexes, and precision.

Freedom to Explore

With its open-world design, Extreme Car Driving Simulator gives you the freedom to explore the environment at your own pace. Take in the sights, tackle daring jumps, and discover hidden secrets as you traverse the diverse landscapes.

In conclusion, Extreme Car Driving Simulator offers an exhilarating driving experience that caters to the desires of both casual players and devoted car enthusiasts. With a diverse vehicle selection, stunning 3D world, thrilling missions, and the freedom to roam and explore, this game provides an adrenaline-fueled journey through the world of high-speed driving. So, hit the road, conquer missions, and expand your car collection as you unleash your inner speedster in the world of Extreme Car Driving Simulator.

How to play Extreme Car Driving Simulator

  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • F to use nitro
  • Space bar to use handbrake

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