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Class Reunion Chat Room

You’ve spent a lot of time and money planning your homecoming. You’ve organized reunions, made sure everyone has food, drinks and a place to stay. But what if you could host a virtual reunion as well? What if you could bring your high school friends together around one common interest – video games? If you’re going through a tough time in your life, why not host some happy memories with the people you care about? Reunions have their downfalls – you never know who might show up unannounced, what sort of moods they’ll be in and how much fun they’ll have. Fortunately for us all, there’s the internet. So now that you know where we are – CHAT ROOM! - lets talk about why this is the best way to say goodbye to high school and hello to… well, everything

Are you ready to catch up with the school year? The final week of August is a hectic one filled with final exams, last-minute parties, and reunions. We're all set to close the book on another academic year, and what a way to reflect on it all. Surround yourself with your friends from class in this virtual make-believe reunion where everyone feels like family. It’s time for old friends to hang out, check out some old photos, and see who left town before

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