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Big Engine Brawl

About Big Engine Brawl Game

Big Engine Brawl Game - A Musical Journey with Thomas & Friends

Prepare to hop on board and embark on a musical adventure like no other with Big Engine Brawl, a Friday Night Funkin' Mod that brings together Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and the beloved Thomas & Friends. This delightful mod pays homage to the timeless classic, introducing players to the Island of Sodor, where Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends await. Featuring an all-new user interface, a main story week complete with fully voice-acted cutscenes, and an incredible soundtrack, Big Engine Brawl promises an unforgettable experience. Join Thomas and his friends, including Henry, James, and Gordon, as they eagerly anticipate your musical showdown in this electrifying brawl!


How to play Big Engine Brawl

Playing Big Engine Brawl is a unique and entertaining experience:

  1. Select Your Character: Take on the role of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who have disguised themselves in faux worker uniforms to sneak into the North Western Railway. Prepare to make some musical magic.

  2. Challenge Thomas & Friends: Engage in musical battles with Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends, including Henry, James, and Gordon. Follow the beat and hit the right notes to prove your musical prowess.

Game Rules

Big Engine Brawl offers a harmonious showdown with some unique twists:

  1. Musical Battles: Face off against Thomas and his friends in epic musical battles. Match the rhythm, hit the correct notes, and keep the music going to emerge victorious.


This mod comes packed with exciting features that make it a must-play:

  • Thomas & Friends: Immerse yourself in the world of Thomas & Friends, where iconic locomotives take center stage in musical showdowns.

  • Voice-Acted Cutscenes: Enjoy a fully immersive experience with voice-acted cutscenes that bring the story to life.

  • Original Soundtrack: Groove to an incredible soundtrack that sets the tone for each musical battle.

  • Unique UI: Explore a revamped user interface designed to match the Thomas & Friends theme.

  • A Love Letter to a Classic: Big Engine Brawl is a heartfelt tribute to the timeless charm of Thomas the Tank Engine and his adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Big Engine Brawl offers a one-of-a-kind musical journey that brings together the worlds of Friday Night Funkin' and Thomas & Friends. With engaging gameplay, voice-acted cutscenes, and an impressive soundtrack, this mod provides an entertaining and memorable experience for players of all ages. Step into the shoes of Boyfriend and Girlfriend as they take on Thomas and his friends in epic musical battles. Whether you're a fan of Friday Night Funkin' or have a soft spot for Thomas & Friends, Big Engine Brawl promises hours of musical fun and excitement. So, get ready to make some musical magic on the Island of Sodor and join in the "Big Engine Brawl" today!

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