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Beaver Weaver

Welcome to Beaver Weaver, a cross-stitching game that opens the door to a world of creativity and relaxation. In this charming game, players assist Gloria the beaver and her grandson Mikey in completing intricate stitches on the canvas. Uncover the joy of cross-stitching, earn coins to unlock more delightful pictures, and utilize boosters like the Magic Needle and Magic Cup to enhance your stitching journey.

Exploring Beaver Weaver: A Cross-Stitching Oasis

Discover the key features that make Beaver Weaver a captivating cross-stitching experience:

  1. Colorful Stitching: Choose your favorite color and dive into the art of cross-stitching. Beaver Weaver provides a soothing canvas to express your creativity stitch by stitch.

  2. Help Gloria and Mikey: Join Gloria the beaver and her grandson Mikey in their cross-stitching adventure. Work together to finish stitches and unlock a variety of charming pictures.

  3. Earn Coins and Unlock Pictures: As you progress, earn coins for your skillful stitching and use them to unlock a plethora of delightful pictures. Each completed masterpiece adds a touch of magic to the game.

  4. Boosters for Assistance: Utilize boosters like the Magic Needle, which stitches all cells of the same color in several lines, and the Magic Cup, which stitches a large area with all colors. These boosters add an extra layer of strategy to your cross-stitching endeavors.

Beaver Weaver Experience: A Break from the Busy Day

Beaver Weaver transcends the realm of gaming, offering a moment of respite from the hustle and bustle of your day. Immerse yourself in the art of cross-stitching, let your creativity flow, and find relaxation in the company of Gloria and Mikey.

How to play Beaver Weaver

Using mouse

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