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Alien Hominid

Alien Hominid Game: A Flash Game Classic from The Behemoth

Dive into the roots of run-and-gun gaming with Alien Hominid, a classic video game developed by The Behemoth. Originally introduced as a Flash game on the iconic multimedia platform Newgrounds in 2002, Alien Hominid quickly gained popularity for its engaging gameplay and distinctive visual style. Learn more about the game that marked the collaboration between programmer Tom Fulp and artist Dan Paladin.


Distinctive Traits of Alien Hominid Game: Highlights of the Gameplay

  1. Flash Game Origins: Alien Hominid originated as a Flash game on Newgrounds, showcasing its roots in the online gaming community. Developed by Tom Fulp, the founder of Newgrounds, and artist Dan Paladin, the game quickly became a notable title within the Flash gaming landscape.

  2. Run-and-Gun Mechanics: The game's core mechanics revolve around the run-and-gun genre. Players engage in fast-paced action, shooting enemies, dodging obstacles, and navigating through side-scrolling levels to complete objectives.

  3. Iconic Visual Style: Alien Hominid is renowned for its distinctive visual style, characterized by quirky animations and vibrant, cartoonish graphics. The collaboration between Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin brought forth a visually appealing and memorable gaming experience.

  4. Cultural Impact: Beyond its Flash game origins, Alien Hominid made a significant impact on the gaming community. It later saw releases on various platforms, contributing to its status as a beloved classic among fans of run-and-gun gameplay.

How to play Alien Hominid

Navigating the Extraterrestrial Adventure: Unraveling Alien Hominid Game Rules

  1. Run-and-Gun Dynamics: Alien Hominid is characterized by its run-and-gun gameplay, where players control the titular alien protagonist. Navigate through levels filled with enemies and obstacles, utilizing firearms and other weapons to combat adversaries.

  2. Survival Challenge: The primary objective is survival. Players must maneuver the alien character through diverse environments, battling foes and overcoming challenges. The game intensifies as players progress, testing their skills in combat and strategic decision-making.

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