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Crazy Candy Parrot

Crazy Candy Parrot is a puzzle game with challenging levels. The task is to clear the screen from jelly blocks by arranging them in groups of 3 or more of the same type. You can only move one block at a time but these blocks will always move in a set pattern, so you can learn their routes and plan your moves ahead in advance. If you make a wrong move, the blocks will increase in size and become harder to remove. Points are awarded for each group of blocks cleared, with bonus points available for clearing groups of 10 or more at once. The goal is to complete all 25 levels as quickly as possible and achieve the highest score possible before your time runs.

What do you get when you mix candy, a parrot, and a puzzle? Crazy Candy Parrot! This game is an educational game for kids to train their logical thinking skills. Playing this game also exercises your mouse and keyboard skills as well as your vocabulary.

This game is a puzzle game. The game has the purpose to teach children to read words and educating them on colors, shapes, and numbers. It is a free game for kids. There are many levels in this game, each one harder than the other. The player must find the hidden words using clues as well as within a certain number of moves. If you enjoy playing this type of game, please visit our website to play Crazy Candy Parrot.

How to play Crazy Candy Parrot

Press left mouse button to choose letters.

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